Bridgeport holdings liquidating trust

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James Ratley, president of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners said, “In order for him to have done this by himself, he would have had to have been at work night and day, no vacation and no time off. In 2000, Madoff began to add staff and expand the operation, and loaned the business .5 million. Cohn had shares of Madoff Holdings Ltd., a predecessor to the current London firm. Cohn held 35,624 non-voting shares, some of which he transferred to "BL Madoff" in 1998, and the rest that he "disposed of" in 2004. Konigsberg prepared the tax returns of foundations of six other families, many of which have lost millions, even hundreds of millions, of dollars.He would have had to nurture the Ponzi scheme daily. Who handled it when somebody called in while he was on vacation and said, ‘I need access to money’? He had a staff of 25, including traders, managers and support. Madoff and Cohn were shareholders in Cohmad Securities, which steered investors to Mr. Paul Konigsberg, a New York City accountant and a longtime friend for more than 25 years, prepared two Madoff Family Foundation tax returns, and received the non-voting shares, valued at ,000. He also represented scores of individual Madoff investors. Konigsberg's firm has received a civil subpoena from the SEC.On the next page enter the ABOVE email address, click "SET MY OWN" and amount as 20, your name, message( part of the question) and delivery date (now) and CHECKOUT. You will be able to specify the question on the gift card page Enter your email address and question in the "Message" box. We apologize for the inconvenience, if you are not satisfied you can use the credit for another question in future. Important : Do not enter your email address in the "Recipient E-mail" field on next page but enter "[email protected]".

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They will begin operating as if they are Chapter 11 debtors in possession immediately.

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That would be a total of almost 6 million being demanded by some very big names.

See more excerpts and analysis from the bankruptcy filings at the forum.

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