Chip in widget not updating radiocarbon dating used on

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NOTE : I am using the latest version of Angular MATERIAL (HEAD MASTER) see doc here : | built from the Git Hub repository.

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Not long now until the latest KI Content Update (3.6) goes live.Sometimes after an update, Android still tries to use the old, no longer existing version of the app to update the widgets.Symptoms include empty widgets, empty grid/month widget with two configuration buttons and non reacting buttons.Even if the device is plugged in to any other computer, running any other operating system, the device will still be inoperable unless the PID is rewritten to the correct value.Although the device is not completely unrecoverable, the resultant effect is that the device is bricked, to the extent that an average user would not have the ability to restore the PID that the chipset originally held in EEPROM.

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