Diamond consolidating the third wave democracies v 1 Massive adult chat

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The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century is a 1991 book by Samuel P.

This paper argues, on one hand, that the United States played an important role in intervening in peace processes in the 20th era in these countries, that involved governments and non-state armed forces; on the other hand, it develops the idea that this external actor has acted as an important player in these processes, as a consequence of its regional influence at the area, trying to identify through sources such as academic book review and others, its different strategies as an ambassador of democracy stability. AZPURU, Dinorah (1999) Peace and Democratization in Guatemala: two parallel process in ARNSON, Cynthia (Ed.).

Party systems in Taiwan and South Korea / Teh-fu Huang.

Political parties in East Central Europe / Gábor Tóka.

The main contribution for research on studies about peace process in Central America is that not only domestic actors should be considered in further analysis, but also external ones. Contemporary peacemaking: Conflict, violence and peace processes.

ARNSON, Cynthia (Ed.) (1999) Comparative peace processes in Latin America. ______; AZPURU, Dinorah (2003) From Peace to Democratization: Lessons from Central America in Darby, J.

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