Didier drogba dating

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The book though will also cover Drogba's childhood and early life in France where he moved to as a young boy, playing for Ligue 1 teams, Le Mans, Guingamp and Marseille.Interesting, insightful and descriptively drawn, 'From Tito to Drogba’ will gives a fascinating insight into a footballer who has had an eventful path to the top.In a troubled season for Chelsea, Didier Drogba has been outstanding.He speaks exclusively to Brian Oliver about the pain of growing up far from home, what it means to be an African icon - and one slight family problem ...“The important thing is he is here and will finish his career with Chelsea,” said the manager.

Didier Drogba during his childhood ages was stunted with malnutrition which limited both physical and mental growth.

His parents (Albert and Clotilde Drogba) struggled with their local banking jobs which couldn’t put much food on the table.

For them, the only hope was to wait for monies promised by a French based relative and footballer (Michel Goba).

Michel Goba, who was a professional footballer, persuaded Drogba's parents that the move would 'give Didier a chance in life'.

So Drogba left behind a country where life expectancy in the 21st century is 30 years lower than it is in Britain, where nearly half the population is illiterate, there is constant fighting, extreme poverty and as many people with Aids as there are over-65s.

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