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The early Coalport porcelain wares are mostly unmarked.

Porcelain wares bearing a red painted ‘COALBROOKDALE’ mark in upper case are extremely rare and highly collectible. Most are found on colourful floral encrusted porcelain wares. From June 1820 to c1830, a series of prominent printed ‘Society of Arts’ marks were placed on Coalport porcelain wares. They may also include the words ‘ English Porcelain ‘.

Our association members span both the HMS Hermes 9 and HMS Hermes 10 (both Royal Navy aircraft carriers) from 1942 to the present day.

/* ----- Shim index Of for MSIE 7 & 8 ----- */ if ( ! Ornate and fine quality Coalport porcelain can include mock Sevres marks with a C at top.c1851 to 1861, Ornate porcelain wares can feature a gold painted mark of interlinked CBD.Result - they need satisfaction from younger men, because older guys can't take the pace! We hope you find it both informative and enjoyable for all ex shipmates and their families.

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